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Christy Dignam hopes that his daughter Kiera will carry on his legacy

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Aslan frontman Christy Dignam has said he would love for his daughter Kira to carry on his legacy, stating that she is “the only person on Earth who has the right” to sing his music.

The 62-year-old singer entered palliative care last January and has spent the last few months at home in Finglas, where he is being cared for by his family, reports RTE.

In a wide-ranging interview with Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ Radio 1 on Monday, the singer-songwriter said he would “dearly love” his daughter Kira as he “looking down from heaven” to carry on his legacy.

Dignam also spoke of his love for his wife Catherine, whom he met when he was 14, telling Tubridy that she was his “buffer to the world”, reports RTE.

He said: “I’ve made loads of dodgy decisions in my life and loads of mistakes. I don’t regret them because I am happy where I am at now. And if I had to go through them to arrive here, then I am quite happy with that. But one decision… I feel like I won the lotto when I met Kathryn,” reports RTE.

He said: “If there is anyone on Earth who has the right to sing those songs, it would be her. In some ways, she has been unlucky being my daughter, because people think [her success] is just because she is Christy Dignam’s daughter. But she has a real talent. I wouldn’t say that and have her going out making a show of herself. She has a real talent and a lot of the stuff has been written around when she was growing up.” reports RTE.

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