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Conor McGregor impersonator gets jailed for three years

Image source: Surrey Police

A UK based drug dealer who looks like Conor McGregor and used business cards with McGregor’s name on them has been sentenced by Guildford Crown Court this month, after being stopped by Surrey police in Stanwell reports the Sun.

Mark Nye, (34), was stopped by police and a search found hundreds of business cards with McGregors name on them and the business name “MCGREGOR ENTERPRISE”. The reverse of the cards had “Best drops in Surrey” printed on them.

Police officers detained Nye after he tried to get rid of class A drugs and two mobile phones he was carrying.

Nye initially told the officers his name was “Conor”.

A large amount of boric acid, a cutting agent which is used by dealers to cut drugs was found in a later follow-up search. Officers also found a large cleaver readily accessible by his bed. Phone analysis later found hundreds of messages regarding his drug dealing activities.

Nye received a sentence of three years imprisonment.

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