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Disturbance Within: Staff at Irish Water unhappy at the company’s decision not to award bonuses


Irish water are yet again in the news this morning and this time they seem to have cause upset within its own ranks rather than with the general public. The company finds itself feeling the fury of its own staff as employees are challenging the company on its decision not to pay performance related awards.

It is understood that staff at the company are upset at the fact that they have not received performance-related bonuses of up to 15% which they were promised when they signed contracts to work at the firm.
Management say they are refusing to award bonuses because they are not traditional and will only be awarded if certain criteria is met. The company’s move to balk at handing out the bonuses has resulted in a stand off between management and its staff. It is believed that Unions and management at the firm will now hold talks in a bid to dissolve the row at the Labour Relations Commission on July 13th.

The move has angered many including SIPTU member Adrian Kane who spoke on behalf of the staff at Irish Water saying workers were “very angry” they were not being paid what they had earned.
Mr Kane further explained: “I don’t think there has been any consistent position from the company other than decision has been made at board level that it wasn’t appropriate to pay performance related awards at this time. “Money had been set aside for the payment of it. We had been informed of that by the company.”

It is believed that Irish Water promised to deliver performance-related payments to its staff earlier this year but the Environment Minister Alan Kelly made a drastic u-turn on the decision urging management not to proceed with the plans. According to union members 50 staff members were in line for a 2.75% bonus, 165 were due a 6.5% pay out, 65 could get a 14% bonus and the top 29 will get a 15% top of their salaries under the original agreement.

However Irish Water have since responded with a statement saying: “As a result of a management decision not to pay performance related awards in Irish Water for 2013 and 2014, the Ervia Group of Unions have referred the matter to the Labour Relations Commission. “Management have agreed to attend a Conciliation Conference at the LRC on July, 13th.”

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