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Drivers urged to check underneath their car before driving in the cold weather

With the severe cold set to last for another week, people in Ireland are bracing for colder mornings.

Motorists wake up to vehicles covered in thick frost and use ingenious tricks to quickly de-ice their windshields.

However, the experts shared another important task that all motorists should do before starting their car on a winter morning

Car owners have been warned to look under their car and around the wheel arches to avoid accidentally hurting animals that may have crawled underneath to hide from the cold.

The car experts at have warned motorists to be vigilant and particularly look out for cats

A sleeping cat could be seriously injured or even killed if a mover drives away before it can escape.

Thousands of cats are killed and injured on Britain’s roads every year, and experts say many of them may have found shelter under vehicles from the cold.

And it’s not people who own cats who should be vigilant before getting behind the wheel, as experts warn that pets don’t just target their owners’ vehicles for hiding.

Hiding under cars and vans makes cats feel protected from cold winds and biting frosts. You can also get heat from your vehicle’s engine if it has been running recently.

Tim Alcock of said: No driver wants to be responsible for the death of somebody’s beloved pet cat. But on these cold mornings, it’s important to bear in mind that someone’s furry friend may be peacefully slumbering under the car,” reports The Mirror.

On the dire consequences of the mistake, Tim added: “Accidentally harming a neighbour’s cat could seriously damage relations with the neighbour themselves and could lead to all kinds of bitterness and other issues. So it really is worth taking a few minutes each morning to make sure there are no cats under the car. Unlike dogs, it isn’t a good idea to let sleeping cats lie,” reports The Mirror.

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