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Election 2016: ‘Polls are probably wrong,’ according to Micheal Martin

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, it seems.

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin has advised everyone to ignore all opinion polls as they’re ‘probably wrong.’

He made these comments during a day-long trip to Donegal to support candidates there.

He said “I have pointed out how opinion polls were so wrong in the UK, out by six and a half per cent,” said Mr Martin, speaking in Lifford where he met campaigners hoping to save the 200-year-old community hospital.

“There were 11 opinion polls in Britain which were wrong. All the commentators in Britain said ‘neck-and neck’. There was no discussion at all about the idea of a Tory majority and no discussion about what a Tory government would do with the National Health Service or welfare.

“And that’s the problem, there was no proper debate in Britain because of all the commentating about coalitions.”

Mr. Martin also said that he was ‘happy’ with his performance on the recent televised debate, and once again ruled out a coalition with both Fine Gael or Sinn Fein.

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