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Europe’s financial growth better than expected


Economy within the eurozone in the third quarter grew better than expected, as Germany and France posted good results and Greece showed signs of recovery.

According to Eurostat, European GDP increased 0.2% in relation to the previous quarter, where it had grown by 0.1%.

Inflation in Europe is now very close to its lowest level in five years, and the ECB is preparing a set of stimulus measures to boost and maintain growth, and it’s urging Governments to do the same, to invest and implement structural reforms to ensure further development.

Greece, a country that saw a 6-year long recession, and was at one point on the brink of exiting European currency membership, has posted a 0.7% growth rate in the three months through September, the third consecutive month of economic growth.

Germany and France, Europe’s largest economies, posted growth of 0.1% and 0.3%, respectively.

Italy however remains in a tenuous position. Its economy has shrunk for the second consecutive quarter.


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