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Exclusive – Meet the woman behind the Martina Genockey video

TheLiberal.ie has received the following statement from Carole Watson Purcell in relation to the video (attached) which occurred yesterday.

My name is Carole Watson Purcell I am the lady in the Martina Genockey video.

The local elections are upon us and I have been asking all candidates on their FB pages the same 2 questions.Are you in favour of water charges ? Are you in favour of the local property tax ? Martina said yes she was in favour so I asked her to make sure she told that to her local constituents when knocking on doors and ask them if they could afford another bill. She deleted my questions and blocked me. Other people asking her the same questions also had them deleted.She then put up a statement saying I had been abusive and called her stupid and a liar, all untrue, I have screen shots to prove this.

I bumped into her in my estate, I was not out looking for her as she claims. I approached the man in the black T-shirt first, I did not know who he was and asked if I could speak to Martina. He said no. He and Martina then walked away from me. I followed and asked her if I could talk to her,she ignored me. This was before the video was made as my husband Ken Purcell was still in the car. The man in the black T-shirt kept standing in front of me inches from my face. When my husband arrived he decided to video this.

What you do not see in the video because my back tended to be towards the camera was that I was crying because this man was being very intimidating towards me, this is the main reason my husband decided to record this. My husband stood at least 4 feet away whilst filming yet the man in black had his camera phone in my face so that it was actually touching me. This is when I felt the need to hold my hand up to get him off me. He then made a very menacing sinister comment regards my daughter which came across as threatening and I now realise this was to provoke me. He was enjoying every minute of it and smirked and grinned. Of course I was angry and upset,this was my 21yr daughter he was aiming his comments at.

Martina said live on 98FM today that this man who turned out to be her brother is my daughters friend when he is not. She also said she had hundreds of people come forward to support her and help her with her campaign since this incident. Residents in my estate all know who she is as her posters are on every lamp post and no one supports her policies. My family are affected badly by our governments austerity measures that have been forced upon us to pay back the corrupt bankers and unsecured bondholders.

I was let go from my job, I have a mortgage, I have been refused a medical card even though I am a recovering stroke patient,my pockets are empty, I have no more money to give. My children have already said they will have to go to the other side of the planet to work as they have no future here in Ireland. I cannot take any more,the stress is unbearable. I have had a lot of abuse because I stood up and said enough is enough but I have had overwhelming support,  more support than abuse.

Thank you.


Carole Watson Purcell


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