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Fine Gael must be ‘up for’ fourth term in Government, says Coveney

Fine Gael must be “up for fighting” for a fourth term, its deputy leader Simon Coveney told the party crowd, reports RTE.

Opening the one-day special conference in Maynooth, the enterprise minister told members that next year would be a “watershed moment in Irish politics” and that Fine Gael must take center stage.

“As we move towards the end of a third term in Government, we are up for fighting for a fourth,” he said, reports RTE.

“This party needs to use days like today to prepare for what is coming. Next year is a watershed moment in Irish politics. This party needs to take its place at the centre of that debate, and have confidence that our record in Government is something we can sell and be proud of,” he added, reports RTE.

Coveney said Fine Gael has “a vision for Ireland” and wants to represent everyone, “unlike increasingly a lot of other parties who are trying to carve out electoral advantage by actually sewing division in Irish society”, reports RTE.

The minister said that a lot of work has been done to remove these concerns.

In a speech at the conference, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he did not know when the next general election would be held because it had not yet been decided.

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