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Forecasters say Christmas snow in UK as Met Éireann gives early indication on white Christmas in Ireland

UK forecasters have signalled that the dreaded ‘Beast from the East’ could return this winter as snow is likely to arrive in time for Christmas.

Signs of cold triggers emerging over Russia appear to have strengthened in recent weeks, says UK Met Service meteorologist Jim Dale, raising the possibility of a December cold snap.

High pressure over Europe is expected to shift towards Britain early in the month, bringing easterly winds. This development will mark the “transition zone” toward a prolonged cold snap, he says, which could last through the holiday season.

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The Met Office says its long-range models suggest we’ll have “mild weather” this winter, and similarly Met Éireann’s first forecast for the big day makes no mention of snow.

In its forecast for November 28-December 4, Met Éireann says it looks like “end November on a much drier note than of late, as high pressure looks to be the dominant influence over our weather. Rainfall is likely to be below average for the time of year, and temperatures also look to be slightly above average,” reports The Mirror.

For the next week through December 11, it predicts a “similar story with high pressure being the dominant influence over our weather for early December. Rainfall will likely be much lower than normal for the time of year, though temperatures will possibly dip lower than the average,” reports The Mirror.

From December 12 to 18, “uncertainty in the forecasts grows and there are few indications as to the high or low pressures that will dominate our weather.”

For Christmas week, Met Éireann says “uncertainty grows.”

In the short term, they say it will be sunny today as the showers gradually isolate and conditions become largely dry overnight. Maximum temperatures of 7 to 11 degrees. Conditions will remain broadly similar for the remainder of the week, with temperatures dropping to near freezing overnight.

Winds turn to the east by Friday with showers on the east and south coasts, but otherwise mostly dry with temperatures only 6 or 7 degrees during the day.

The meteorologist says: “Current indications suggest a cold easterly wind through the weekend will continue to bring showers to coasts,” reports The Mirror.

Meanwhile, in the UK, meteorologist Dale believes a transition to bitter cold is imminent.

Exacta Weather meteorologist James Madden said the prospect of a white Christmas was currently “high” in the UK, though he admitted it was “something that we need to keep an eye on for nearer the time,” reports The Mirror.

In the meantime, he said we should expect “more wind and rain” as temperatures continue to drop toward something closer to the seasonal norm.

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