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Gaza Hospitals are in crisis – Surgeons are operating without anaesthetics

Dr. Mohammad Abu Mughaisib, Deputy Medical Coordinator for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Gaza, has given a harrowing account of the current situation in Gazan hospitals.

Medical staff are working around the clock, dealing with a large number of injured patients, while also worrying about their own families who are at risk, reports RTE.

The health system in Gaza was already strained before the conflict, with shortages of medication and medical supplies. The war has exacerbated these issues, with hospitals now overcrowded and operations being conducted in less-than-ideal conditions, reports RTE.

The situation is further complicated by the large number of people seeking shelter in hospitals, hoping they will be safe there. This has led to chaotic scenes, with operations being conducted on the floor and without adequate pain relief or drugs.

One of the major concerns for medical staff is the risk of airstrikes near hospitals. With the conflict expected to last for weeks or even longer, Dr. Mughaisib fears that hospitals could soon be filled with dead bodies, likening them to morgues.

MSF has called for a ceasefire, the establishment of humanitarian corridors, and the provision of medical supplies. They are also calling for additional medical staff to support the overwhelmed healthcare workers in Gaza, reports RTE.

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