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Harris is demanding a 2025 election with Government to run full term

According to Simon Harris, the newly elected leader of Fine Gael, the coalition government should serve out its whole mandate, calling for elections in 2025, reports RTE.

Speaking in Athlone, he said: “My intention is that this Government should run the full term. I’m very conscious that Governments take on a rhythm of their own,” reports RTE.

Mr Harris added: “And I’m very conscious that we, all people, need to work in good faith. And events can happen in Irish politics – of course they can. But we have a lot of work to do, and I don’t think there needs to be any mystique around my intentions… I am planning for this Government, should I be lucky enough to form one, and to become Taoiseach, I would like to see this Government run full term. And that’s my intention,” reports RTE.

Additionally, Mr. Harris stated that he had phone conversations with the Coalition leaders and that he will be meeting with them in the near future.

He will speak with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar tomorrow about his preparations for the transition.

In order to fully tell the Irish people about its medium- to long-term migration and accommodation strategy, he continued, the Government must “move beyond its emergency response” to migration.

Mr. Harris stated that while it is legal for people to apply for asylum in our nation, they need to hear back more swiftly with a yes or no response, reports RTE.


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