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“He’s dead right” – Public support for Kerry priest who stood up to RTE’s latest “Christian bashing”

Fr Kevin McNamara has received massive praise for taking a stand against the national broadcaster, RTE.

Fr McNamara’s comments over a ridiculous Fair City scene saw him receive mostly positive messages on social media as a result. There were of course the odd few who said “what about the abuse of the Church?”, but for the vast majority, people who weren’t even religious said that “I agree with this man. You can’t say anything about many religions or you’re put down as a biggot, racist or fascist but as far as Christians and Catholics are concerned, anything goes. It’s not fair and it’s not right”.

Earlier this week, the fearless Co Kerry priest garnered great support after objecting to yet another jab at Catholics from RTE.

The national broadcaster received thousands of complaints after it broadcast a sick “sketch” that depicted Jesus raping Our Lady.

This week they took the rise out of confession and were forced to ring a Kerry priest and apologise after he had the decency to speak out about what he saw.

Fr Kevin McNamara, the local parish priest of Moyvane in north Kerry, said he had no problem with the storyline – but insists that it was totally disrespectful and inaccurate to connect it in with Seal of Confession.

Speaking to Virgin Media, Fr McNamara said that he 110% is not telling anyone to break the law but that Catholics are always the only religion getting mocked and that Catholics had a right to think about what they’re paying the licence fee for and that their religion should be fully respected and portrayed properly.

Fr McNamara also said that he felt quite emotional watching the scene as he had spent the whole afternoon hearing confessions and how important of a Sacrament it is to those who attended.

The fearless Kerry priest has received much support online with many claiming more priests should have the same backbone, defend the faith and have the courage to call out things when they see it.

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