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Holidaymakers beware: A number of items are being banned from hand luggage on Ryanair and Aer Lingus flights

Ireland is at the peak of the holiday season and thousands of people take a flight every week to soak up the summer sun, reports The Mirror.

However, the ongoing lifestyle crisis means some holidaymakers are doing their best to keep costs down.

A popular travel trick is that passengers choose to pack everything in their hand luggage for free instead of paying for checked baggage.

Before doing so, passengers should be aware of what they can and cannot bring to the airport and on board the aircraft. Airlines such as Ryanair and Aer Lingus have long lists of prohibited items on their planes.

After arriving at the airport, one of the first steps is to go through security.

As part of air transport security measures, travelers are not permitted to bring certain items on board a flight leaving an EU airport or in a security restricted area of an Irish airport. Because these items can be used as weapons.

Air transport safety regulations apply internationally and have become more stringent in recent years.

Items prohibited by airport security

The notice to citizens states that passengers are not allowed to bring into restricted areas at airports or on board aircraft:


– Firearms, toy or replica weapons, firearm parts (except telescopic sights), airguns, pellet guns, airguns, flare guns or starter guns.
– Bow, crossbow or arrow.
– Harpoons and spears.
– Slingshots and catapults.
– Stun devices are specifically designed to stun or immobilize

– Knife (with a blade longer than 6 cm).
– Razor blades, box cutters, scissors (with blades more than 6 cm from the fulcrum).
– Axe, hatchet, cleaver, ice ax or ice pick.
– Sword, saber, sharp or pointed martial arts equipment.

– Crowbars, drills and drills, saws, torches, screw guns, nail guns or other tools with blades or shafts longer than 6 cm, such as screwdrivers or chisels.

– Items that could cause serious injury if struck, such as athletic sticks, clubs, batons, and martial arts equipment.

– Storage of ammunition, primers, detonators and fuses, mine grenades and other military explosives.
– Fireworks and other pyrotechnics, canisters or smoke cartridges.
– Dynamite, Gunpowder and Plastic Explosives.
– Any other item that can reasonably be used or adapted for physical injury.

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