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“It’s not worth it” – Drinkaware issues motorists with drink-driving advice for February bank holiday

Drinkaware, the independent national charity working to prevent and reduce alcohol abuse, is offering advice and tips for staying safe during the February holiday season.

As this year marks the first official year of the new February festivities with St Bridget’s Day, they said people are looking forward to the short break after the long, cold January.

Ahead of the bank holiday weekend, Drinkaware wants to remind people of the dangers of driving in the morning after drinking.

They highlight the Drinkaware drink calculator as a useful tool for keeping track of how many drinks someone has had and estimating how long it takes for the body to process alcohol.

The Drinkaware Annual Barometer 2022 found that 87% of people agree that heavy drinking affects their ability to drive, but a 2020 survey by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) found that 25% of drivers agreed that “there were times when they have been over the limit the morning after a night out,” reports BreakingNews.

Data released by the RSA shows a 13% increase in road fatalities in 2022 due to speeding, collisions, drink/drug driving and reckless and reckless driving.

They said to knows the facts about driving on “the morning after”:

– A standard drink takes at least an hour to process;

– Examples of standard drinks are a half pint of beer, a 100ml glass of wine, or a 35.5ml measure of spirits;

– Time starts from the end of the last drink;

– For example, if a person finishes drinking at midnight and has had 3 pints, he or she has consumed 6 standard drinks. This means that after midnight, when they’ve stopped drinking, they have to wait at least 6 hours for their bodies to process the alcohol, and they don’t have to be behind the wheel of a car until 6am;

– The only way to get the alcohol out of your system is time, not a lot of food or water will speed up the process. Nor will the widespread myths of taking a shower, a big breakfast, coffee, energy drinks, or exercise.

As the holidays approach, it’s important to be vigilant behind the wheel. They urge people to set a positive example for children and others by never drinking alcohol or driving.

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