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Joy as formerly conjoined Benhaffaf twins start school.


Twins Hussein and Hassan Benhaffaf, age 5, joined  76 other students in Junior Infants in Midleton’s Educate Together National School.

The two boys both have a prosthetic leg and instead of using their walking frames, held hands on the way to school.

Malika, 11, and Iman, 8 joined their twin siblings on this important day, along with their parents Angie and Azadeen.

Angie stated that the twins’ first day was a “huge milestone for the family” and that the two boys had been eagerly counting down the days to their first day.

The boys’ father talked of how it seemed like only yesterday the twins had been born and had been separated by a very serious operation.

The family spoke of their intense pride for all the twins had achieved.

Born in London University Hospital in December 2009, the twins underwent a 16 hour operation when they were four months, to be separated.

This operation took place at Great Ormond Street Hospital and gave a new lease of life to the twins, who were joined at the chest.

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