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Kenny: “FG and FF must end ‘civil war politics’ as it would be best for our country”

The acting Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny is seemingly desperate to sort out his political future after he issued another plea to his opposition leader Michael Martin to join him and his Fine Gael colleagues and form a historic coalition.


Mr Kenny’s call comes as his political counterpart Micheál Martin, recently denied the opportunity to join forces with his arch rival. However Mr Kenny has once again appealed to the Fianna Fail leader to put their historic past behind them and form a government that would be best for the Irish people..

The acting Taoiseach told reporters: “Ending civil war politics is the best thing for our country now.” “Our proposal is to create a government based on parity of esteem, consensus building, mutual respect and collective decision making.”

“Such a Government would have the capacity to deal with our country’s challenges over a full Dáil term and beyond. “Our approach to further discussions with the Independents and other political parties would be based on the principle that all those who work to form such a Government would have an opportunity to participate in it, consistent with their electoral mandates.”

Mr Kenny’s latest call for further talks would see a landmark moment for Irish politics as it would end the bitter rivalry between the parties that has spanned all the way back to the formation of the Irish Free State.

However negations will be difficult after Mr Martin, refused to discuss a deal regarding a potential partnership on Thursday, with a number of disagreements on key issues have become a major stumbling block.
Although Mr Kenny believes the proposed talks could give people the chance to discuss and agree how such a government would work. The acting Taoiseach said: “I believe that a partnership government is in the best interests of our country and deserves full consideration.”

The Fine Gael leader also claimed that he and his party have made every effort to form a government since the election six weeks ago.

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