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Kenny under pressure as opposition TD’s call for an early election


The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has come under more pressure recently after leading TD’s from opposition parties have challenged Mr Kenny to hold an election before next March.

The call for an earlier election comes after the Chief Whip Paul Kehoe issued claims that Mr Kenny could serve at least another two terms in office. Mr Kenny came in for strong criticism after a number of opposition TD’s have said the Taoiseach and his fellow Fine Gael TD’s have completely forgotten that the Irish people willingly decide who is in elected into the next Government.
Meanwhile Odran Flynn a political commentator has said he fully believes that the new incoming political parties could be key in forming the next Government. Mr Flynn said: “The hard left, I mean people form across the Anti-Austerity Alliance, and there are several others, a number of these smaller parties could tag-on and form a Government, or help to form a Government,” ” but how stable would it be?”

However Sinn Fein’s David Cullinane questioned the possibility of an early election by saying that he doubted that Mr Kenny would be open to such an idea. Mr Cullinane also said he cannot understand why a party would look so far ahead into the future as they faced so many real challenges right now. Mr Culliane said: “It’s a mistake for any Government to be looking six years ahead when they have an election to fight now,” said Mr Cullinane. “The people are waiting to pass judgement in my view, and I think the Government are going to be very surprised with the outcome of the election.” He added: “I’m sure they are already caught by surprise by the opinion polls. It’s my clear view that this Government is going to get a kicking by the electorate, and that is why this Government will hold on for as along as possible.”

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