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Kids cartoon aired on YouTube in racism row after angel turns black when she ‘loses her beauty’

Image Source: MyPinguTV

A company behind a popular YouTube channel’s children’s cartoon is at the centre of a racism row after a female character changes skin colour when she apparently loses her beauty.

The “Dina And The Prince Story” cartoon which is produced by MyPinguTV, has become embroiled in a racism row after a number of parents have labelled its plot racist.

In the cartoon which has been seen by almost half a million people, the plot revolves around a Prince falling in love with an angel who aren’t allowed to talk to one another.

But as the tale goes on, the character of Dina is given a skin colour change after she decides to speak to the Prince after seeing him so upset.

However after speaking to the Prince, Dina is then told that she must lose her beauty and therefore is shown to have black skin and brown hair when the pair meet again.

Although the morale of the story eventually concludes that the Prince still loves Dina despite the change in her appearance, many parents have been left outraged stating that the cartoon is racist.

The cartoon which has been viewed over 400,000 times led to a flury of responses in YouTube’s comments section with many criticising the company behind the cartoon and YouTube for airing it.

Amongst the comments, many parents have said that the cartoon clearly sends the wrong message to innocent children, before stating that the cartoon’s creators are suggesting that people with black or coloured skin are ugly.

Parents have since called for the cartoon to be removed from the platform and have asked MyPinguTV which has over 720,000 followers to apologise for the content.

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