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Leo Varadkar: Fine Gael is “preparing to go into opposition”

It’s looking like the next chapter of the election results is going to be whether Sinn Fein can manage to piece a left wing government together without the help of either Fianna Fail or Fine Gael.

After some six hours of deliberation, the Fine Gael parliamentary party said that it is “preparing to go into Opposition”.

The parliamentary party held its first meeting after losing 12 seats in the general election.

According to RTE, Varadkar said that Sinn Féin was now the largest party and that the onus was on them to form some sort of government that will deliver on the “extraordinary promises” that they made to the public before the election.

He said that if Sinn Fein can’t form a government then it meant that Fianna Fail would have to try.

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