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Man repeatedly stopped for driving “like an outlaw” gets thrown in prison for 17 months

A man who was often pulled over for driving under the influence, driving without insurance and driving without a licence while having a driving restriction was given a 17-month prison term and a 10-year driving suspension, reports The Mirror.

When Arthur McDonagh, 39, of 8 Cúl Mona, Pike, Fermoy, Co. Cork, was stopped in Fermoy on April 15, 2023, Sgt. Linda O’Leary informed the Fermoy District Court that he was already prohibited from driving and did not have a valid driver’s licence.

The court heard that Mr. McDonagh was pulled over the next day in Cúl Mona, Fermoy, reports The Mirror.

He was detained on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and declined to submit to a roadside breathalyser test or a station sample.

On July 11, three months later, he was detained once more in Fermoy. With a value of 1,190.0 ng/ml, he was discovered to be operating a vehicle under the influence of cocaine on this occasion. There is a 50 ng/ml legal limit, reports The Mirror.

At the time, he was also barred from driving.

The court was informed that Mr. McDonagh had four prior convictions for driving without insurance in addition to three prior driving bans, two of which were for two years each.

According to defence attorney Matthew Bermingham, his client was a family father with eight young children who was dealing with addiction at the time of the charges, reports The Mirror.

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