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Martin says the public service ethos has to be the ‘core of everything RTÉ does’

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Public service principles “has to be at the centre of everything RTÉ does,” Tánaiste Michael Martin said on Friday when asked about the future of the beleaguered national broadcaster, reports Breaking News.

He said public journalism is not limited to RTÉ and a register of interest for all journalists, “particularly” those working in the news area, would be something he would support.

Mr Martin said this was due to the importance of seeing fairness, fairness and balance in getting the message across and tackling disinformation across Europe.

“There cannot be a blurring of lines,” he said of concern about commercial interests, reports Breaking News.

Speaking at the opening of the new Ard Chúram Fuschia Dementia Day Care Center in Listowel, Co. Kerry, Mr Martin also said he supports extending support to print media, which are under financial pressure like those working in print.

“It’s a difficult life for many journalists in the print media,” he said, reports Breaking News.

Asked on Monday about the role of the new chief executive and RTÉ’s progress, Mr Martin said: “We need real focus now on renewing and rediscovering the public service ethos that has been the hallmark of RTÉ since its inception. It’s very important for democracy that we keep the focus on that,” reports Breaking News.

As foreign minister, he was aware and knew that “the big challenge across Europe” was disinformation

The Irish media is at the forefront of supporting the national effort as evidenced by the high vaccination rate during Covid-19 and he was very conscious as a Taoiseach.

The Media Committee signaled an extension of support for local and print media, and also spoke of expanding the distribution of license fees.

Some journalists had to earn extra income, he also wished to acknowledge.

Journalists work in various fields, including public relations, which may be due to the lack of career paths and the lack of prospects and conditions of financial pressure in the print media, reports Breaking News.

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