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Martin says they’re doing everything to help Irish people in Gaza

The Tánaiste said everything was being done to help Irish citizens in Gaza ahead of a planned attack by the Israeli military, reports Breaking News.

Michael Martin said government officials had contacted the Chief of Defense Staff about dual nationals in the walled enclave and Irish peacekeepers in Lebanon.

The Tánaiste and Foreign Minister said diplomatic efforts were being made to “de-escalate the situation” and prevent tensions from escalating in Lebanon.

He told Galway he was always concerned about bombing built-up areas and said there was “no doubt” that innocent people were killed when an area like Gaza was targeted.

He said: “We’ve been working with our dual citizens, Irish citizens in Gaza, over the last number of days. Our embassy in Israel has been in touch. We’ve been anxious to work through the authorities there and we’re going to continue to do that,” reports Breaking News.

He added: “We have been fairly careful in terms of our public commentary on this because this is a fraught situation. So we would prefer to work with the authorities on the ground to see can we do everything we can to support our citizens, but it’s clearly challenging because of the nature of what’s going on there. So just be assured that we’re doing everything we possibly can and will do everything we possibly can to assist those citizens,” reports Breaking News.

“We want corridors open, we want to work with countries right now – work with Israel, Egypt, Jordan and others – to get humanitarian corridors open so we can get the food supplies, water into Gaza,” he added, reports Breaking News.

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