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MI5 warn that Islamic State are preparing new wave of attacks in UK and EU

Image source: BBC

British intelligence service, MI5, is investigating an alleged Islamic State plot to launch a new series of terrorist atrocities in the UK and across Europe.

The intelligence agency warned that a new wave off terror attacks are distinct possibility following revelations that the ringleader of Sri Lanka’s Easter massacre was an inspiration to a group of British Isis fighters, including the killer known as Jihadi John.

Western intelligence agencies consider Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed (36) to be one of the Sri Lanka terrorist plot’s ringleaders. He blew himself up at the Tropical Inn in Colombo on Easter Sunday.

Earlier captured documents in Syria detailed I.S cells in Germany and Russia were also planning to carry out a series of attacks similar to the Paris terror attack of November 2015 that killed 130 people.

It is feared that the Islamic State group having been defeated on the ground and lost all its territory in Iraq and Syria will now change its focus to carrying out more so-called “spectacular” terror attacks in Western countries in a similar vain to the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka.

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