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New research claims that drinking a cup of coffee a day could help you lose weight

It has been long debated whether or not coffee is good for you as scientists have disputed claims of its effects.

However if you happen to be partial to cup of the caffeine filled beverage – you may be happy to hear that it could actually help you lose weight.

According to researchers at the University of Nottingham, a cup or two of coffee each day could actually be beneficial as it helps to burn a fat that helps you generate body heat.

Speaking about the findings in the  journal Scientific, Professor Michael Symonds says coffee helps to burn fat known as brown fat, rather than white fat which occurs due to excess calories.

Prof Symonds says the findings are significant given that so called brown brown fat is different to other fats that are found in your body.

The lead researcher says that brown fat burns off sugar and fat when the body heats up after responding to cold.

He also stated that when brown fat is burned extra calories are also burnt off due to improved blood sugar control and blood lipid levels.

Although the effects of caffeine are in early testing, Prof Symonds states that it has proven positive after brown fat was stimulated in fused stem cells.

However Prof Symonds says that although thermal imaging has shown positive results in testing, he did state that the next step is to ascertain whether if it is the caffeine or the other components in coffee that speeds up burning of brown.

He added that if follow up testing proves successful, the findings could potentially be used to treat obesity.

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