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OPINION: The old Irish media hates Catholicism and Pope Francis and is doing its best to destroy what will inevitably be a wonderful Papal visit

Let’s get one thing straight from the get go there is absolutely no excuse, none, for the evil and sadistic acts that SOME priests carried out in this country. These people should see the end of a rope publicly in a town square, but there has to be a time to accept that and move on.

The entourage of helpers of a nearly 82-yr-old man are getting him ready for a two hour flight to arrive in Dublin tomorrow morning.

That 82-yr-old man just so happens to be the leader of the 1 billion strong Roman Catholic religion, a religion that’s celebrated in every corner of the world with the most famous person in history, Jesus Christ, firmly known as God.

Pope Francis has taken up the mantle of leading the Church with enthusiasm and energy, especially given his age.

The Pontiff has traveled to multiple countries since he took over from Pope Benedict XVI in 2013. He’s been welcomed and lauded from one country to another, but now comes Ireland’s turn.

I can acknowledge that The Liberal is a nationally known media publication but we have always primed ourselves on being different, just ask any troll who sits on their keyboard in the pajamas all day to confirm that, but what are we being different from?

We’re different because we don’t jump on the anti-Catholic bandwagon. We all know the horrific acts that some clergy did, but it must be emphasised that it was some, not all.

Make no mistake, the majority of media and journalists in Ireland these days are gutter living, low life scavengers who feast on the demise of others and are driven by a severe left wing agenda that, if completely implemented, would make Communist Cuba or Venezuela look like a holiday camp.

The majority of Irish media, in my opinion, have a distorted utopia where political correctness rules, Catholicism is old hat, western culture is dead and Islamic extremists are just misunderstood.

In other words, start thinking for yourself. Don’t accept what old Irish media outlets are telling you just because they think they know best, they don’t. They’re as bad as any institution that went wrong in this country.

There are large numbers of journalists in this country who would lick Hillary Clinton’s feet, I actually mean literally, but would spit on Pope Francis with their keyboard. They hate him, they hate Catholicism and they hate the fact that up to 1 million of us still believe in God and want to show respect to our VIP guest, welcome him and listen to what he has to say.

Pope Francis has a world stage anywhere he goes. Irrespective of whether you’re Catholic or not, arguably himself and President Donald Trump are the two most famous people in the world today. We should welcome him, give him a voice, not listen to the old media, and see can he hopefully knit the Catholic fabric even closer together for the entire Catholic community.

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