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Postman says he thought he was going to die after being dragged to the ground by a dog

A postman attacked by a dog said he was sure he was “going to die” as he was dragged to the ground, reports The Mirror.

Steven McKay was given an unfamiliar route at Liverpool’s Wavetree and was warned about the attacking Jack Russell.

When he approached the house he found a Belgian shepherd dog, known as Mally, who was “going ballistic”.

The owner’s other dog, Jack Russell, then came out of the house and attacked the postman.

As he did so Malley jumped the fence so the victim turned and ran, but not before the animal grabbed him and sank its teeth into his hip, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

The dog continued to bite Mr McKay’s back, neck and face before being wrestled to the ground by his owner Joseph Blaney.

He tried to convince the victim to keep quiet about the incident and offered him money, but the postman refused and reported it to the police, the Liverpool Echo reported, reports The Mirror.

Prosecutor David Polglase said: “He felt a pain that he had never felt before he tried to grab Mally’s mouth as the dog tried to drag him off the car. He describes the dog as ‘ragging’ him as he dragged him to the ground. Mr McKay stopped in the road and gave a male on the pavement the post that he was to deliver so that he didn’t have to approach the property. Mally was ‘going ballistic’, barking, going mad and marching up and down the area,” reports The Mirror.

Charles Lander, defending, said the attack was “an isolated incident” and there had been no incident before in which the dog was involved.

He said Blaney has shown “clear remorse” for what happened.

Judge Kate Cornell said: “The expert says you’re capable of being a responsible dog owner. You have taken steps to ensure he’s not unsupervised in the future and have taken on advice about keeping Mally safe and secure. The expert concludes the dog is not dangerous per se, but was roused to this behaviour due to the Jack Russell which it perceived to be under attack by Mr McKay,” reports The Mirror.

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