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Pregnant Bridesmaid left shocked after bride suggested that she have an abortion because she wanted a child free wedding

We have all heard of the saying that no one must upset the bride when it comes to her wedding day and that  bridesmaids should do what they can to help her on the couple’s big day.

However for one bridesmaid the request to do what the bride wants went a step too far, when the bride to be allegedly asked her to have an abortion.

According to The Mirror newspaper, one woman has took to a wedding shaming page on Facebook to describe what was asked of her before her friend’s wedding.

In what has been described as shocking request, the unnamed woman took to social media to tell her story of how her former friend requested that she have an abortion as she wanted a child free wedding.

In the shocking post the woman who revealed that her daughter wasn’t planned and was told that she couldn’t have children, highlighted how her friendship ended after the bride made the staggering request in order for her to have the day she planned.

Writing in the group the woman told fellow members that she was asked to terminate her unborn child a year before her friends wedding took place.

In a detailed post the woman revealed that she was asked by her friend Kate to carry out the abortion as her pregnancy would require her to get her bridesmaid dress fitted after everyone else.

The woman told the page members that Kate, said the whole dress fitting situation would be stressful on me as I would have to wait until my baby was born in April, even though the wedding was in June.

The shocked mum to be went onto say despite questioning her friend on her request, Kate told her that she was ruining her life, before reminding her that her wedding was going to be a child free day.

Although the bride’s actions didn’t apparently end there as she apparently called her mother in an effort to convince her friend to have an abortion.

However despite her efforts the bride’s mother apparently refused to help her daughter, but instead texted the pregnant bridesmaid to congratulate her and offer her support and guidance through her pregnancy.

The woman added that she did not even RSVP to kate’s wedding and has never spoken to her since.

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