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PSNI & Gardai “deeply concerned” that more ATM-Digger robberies will occur

The PSNI and Gardai are said to be extremely worried and concerned that more ATM-Digger robberies will occur after yet another ATM robbery in Kells on Holy Thursday night.

The theives managed to steal two ATMs from the county Meath town using yet another digger.

Just a few weeks ago, thieves brazenly ripped yet another cash machine from a wall in Northern Ireland. The latest incident happened in the village of Dungiven, Co. Derry, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The thieves use a crude but effective method to carry out the attacks. A digger, usually stolen from a nearby site, is used to tear down a wall and lift the ATM, which is then placed on a trailer.

This is the eight such incident so far this year. Authorities believe the same gang is behind all these robberies.

A member of the PSNI told The Liberal:
“We’re worried for communities that banks will see it as a better option to leave ATM machines on the inside of their buildings only and not have any access to the streets. We’re very concerned that more of these robberies will occur. We’re working in conjunction with An Gardai to catch these thieves.”

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