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Shocking: Man hit by truck ignored by 140 cars, 82 rickshaws, 181 bikers, 45 pedestrians


***Warning the following article contains images that some viewers may find distressing***

There were some shocking and disgusting scenes in India recently as a man was left to die on the side of the road in India after being hit by a delivery truck.

To make maters worse the innocent man was passed by hundreds of people – including a police vehicle. The only person who stopped, a rickshaw driver, ignored the man and stole his phone.

In the appalling CCTV footage below the man – identified only as “Matibool” – was struck by the speeding delivery truck at 5:40 am on Wednesday as he was walking home from an overnight shift as a security guard.

The impact caused the man to fly through the air and land in a nearby gutter. Although the driver of the truck is seen initially getting out of his vehicle, he then decides to drive away.

As Matibool lays severely injured and bleeding, he is passed by 140 cars, 82 rickshaws, 181 bikers, and 45 pedestrians. He is even passed by an emergency response van used by Delhi police.

Finally, a rickshaw driver approaches Matibool – but instead of helping him, the man steals his cellphone and leaves.

After the injured man had been laying in the gutter for 30 minutes, a friend finally walks by and alerts police.

Unfortunately, it took the response team 40 minutes to reach Matibool, and he died on the way to the hospital.

Police have identified and detained the driver of the delivery truck, according to NDTV. They are still searching for the rickshaw driver that stole the cellphone.

Matibool came to Delhi from Bengal 10 years ago. He drove a rickshaw during the day and worked as a security guard at night. He was the father of two sons and two daughters.

“He used to walk by this spot everyday on his way home, and stop for a cup of tea,” a shop owner who knew Matibool told NDTV.

On Thursday, one day after Matibool’s death, Delhi’s government announced plans for an “incentive scheme” that would reward those who bring accident victims to hospitals.

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