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Single parents protest across the country as enforced benefit cuts loom


A significant number of single parents have turned out across the country to hold protests against the upcoming cuts to their benefits.

A large number of people attended the protests organised by SPARK [Single Parents Acting for the Rights of our Kids] to voice their disapproval at the proposed reductions to the one-parent family payment when a child turns seven. The radical move by the government will see more than 30,000 single parents lose their entitlement to the allowance next month. The new proposal will also see the maximum age for for those wishing to clam for child benefits drop from 17 to just seven years old.

It is understood that the proposed cuts will see single parents losing between €36.50 and €86 a week on their benefit entitlements.

The Move has angered many, whilst Children’s Advocacy group Barnardos has slammed the government’s decision saying that enforced cuts will see youngsters enter into poverty. The head of advocacy at the charity, June Tinsley has said: “Without addressing the absence of appropriate supports like affordable, good quality childcare, the reforms will inevitably push more families into poverty and welfare dependency. “While employment is a key way out of poverty, this is only true when work can pay for an adequate standard of living. “A large portion of lone parents are already in employment, but it is clear some are already in a worse financial situation since these reforms have been phased in.

Ms Tinsley added: “Nearly a quarter of one-parent families [23%] are living in consistent poverty according to the latest CSO figures.


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