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Sleepy Joe Biden says he ‘always wants to come back to Ireland’

Image source: Sky News

As he welcomed Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to the Oval Office, US President Joe Biden stated that he “always wants to come back to Ireland,” reports Breaking News.

When Mr. Biden travelled to Ireland for the first time in April of last year as president, he was greeted with great warmth.

After travelling from Belfast to Dublin across the island, he traced his family’s history in County Louth and County Mayo and was met with a standing ovation during his speech to the Houses of the Oireachtas, reports Breaking News.

In keeping with the custom of the Taoiseach’s yearly visit to the US immediately before St. Patrick’s Day, Mr. Varadkar is in the country this week.

Prior to their bilateral discussion in the Oval Office on Friday, Mr. Biden thanked Mr. Varadkar for welcoming him to Ireland the previous year, joking that his family “weren’t sure we wanted to come home,” reports Breaking News.

In response to a question from reporters about his plans to return to Ireland, Mr. Biden stated, “I always want to come back to Ireland.”

Addressing the Taoiseach, Mr Biden said: “I want to thank you again for the reception I had when I was last in Ireland. As a matter of fact, my family weren’t sure we wanted to come home, it was so nice,” reports Breaking News.

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