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Snapchat rolls back on “Love has no age” filter after accusations of promoting paedophilia

Snapchat has provoked outrage after it released a filter for “Pride Month” called “Love Has No Age”, which is also the slogan of the pro-paedophilia organisation the “North American Man-Boy Love Association”.

Snapchat along with hundreds of major corporations and every single Silicon Valley Tech giant and social media network have come together again to promote the LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA agenda for the month of June.

However, Snapchat was forced to row back on the filter “Love Has No Age” after users expressed their disgust and anger. The filter has been defunct since June 3rd after conservatives on Twitter brought it to popular attention.

Pride month has been mass marketed for several years now but its regularly accepting more supposed genders and sexual orientations into its ranks as oppressed minorities.

Some commentators have warned that the sexualisation of children is becoming very common with child drag queens such as “Desmond is Amazing” being promoted by major media outlets and even Netflix releasing “Super Drags” an animation about child drag performers aimed at children.

In December 2018 the scantly clad 11-year-old Desmond danced in the style of a stripper on stage at a Manhattan gay bar for intoxicated homosexuals who cheered and threw money on stage.

This bizarre act was promoted and appalled by media outlets in the US.

The idea of a pre-pubescent boy dancing like a stripper for adult gay men at bar did however, lead some to ask the question has the progressive agenda gone too far?

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