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TD warns of the dangers of people taking selfies too close to the edge at Cliffs of Moher

Some tour operators are “openly flaunting” the National Transportation Authority’s tourist itinerary guidelines, says TD, reports Breaking News.

Clare TD Cathal Crowe said there was a growing problem with “photo stop tourism” as a bus full of tourists arrives at the Cliffs of Moher, takes pictures and leaves without contributing to the local economy.

He told RTÉ Radio’s Today with Claire Byrne: “They take selfies of certain scenic spots and they go on,” reports Breaking News.

“We want plenty of tourism, and tourism has to coexist with communities. Sometimes I think the planning has all been around bringing everyone to a certain spot. And then on they go again,” reports Breaking News.

He said some iconic tourist stops have now become photo stops.

They stop by the side of the road, everyone has their picture taken, and then they board the bus back to Dublin, said Fianna Fáil TD.

Previously, such tours might have stayed overnight in Clare or at least stopped for lunch.

“Now these trips begin on the quays of Dublin around half seven in the morning. You’re back in Dublin for your dinner, so your breakfast and dinner in Dublin, you’ve got lunch somewhere in Clare or in Galway and some of the stops are just photo stops,” reports Breaking News.

“They say, look, this is tourism, this is what we’re going to do,” Mr Crowe said, reports Breaking News.

“We really want people to come to the west of Ireland to spend time there. Why not even flip the model. I have a family member holidaying in Italy this week. They’re holidaying in a small town. They’ve been going to Rome for a day. And yes, in Ireland some of them seem to come to Dublin for a week and do a day trip (to the west). We can look at a more balanced tourism model and I think in the age of sustainability, surely tourism needs to be more sustainable. And this Instagram era of tourism is anything but sustainable and it really drives communities bonkers,” Mr Crowe added, reports Breaking News.

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