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Varadkar: The Government won’t remove Drew Harris if he loses no-confidence vote

The government maintains full confidence in Garda Commissioner Drew Harris and that will not change if rank and file gardaí vote no confidence in him, said Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, reports Breaking News.

The Garda Representatives Association (GRA) is conducting member surveys in the wake of a deep dispute surrounding Mr Harris’ plans to change the armed forces roster system.

The GRA, representing the gardaí’s 12,000 rank and file, said it was “disappointed” after Thursday meeting with gardaí bosses to discuss concerns raised by members.

But the GRA expressed concern about low morale in the forces and said retention and recruitment issues would affect the implementation of the old roster.

Speaking to reporters in Co Louth, Mr Varadkar was asked if he would support Judge Helen McEntee in removing Mr Harris if the GRA passed a vote of no confidence in him.

He made it clear that the government would not remove the commissioner.

“That won’t happen,” said Mr Varadkar. “The Government has confidence in Commissioner Harris,” reports Breaking News.

“The commissioner is appointed by government after a fair competition and we stand by that process. It’s not the case that the teachers in the staffroom decide who the principal is. It’s not the case that the players decide who the coach is. The Garda Commissioner is appointed by the Government after a fair and free process that people can apply for and we stand over that appointment and we have confidence in him,” he added, reports Breaking News.

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