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Vicky Phelan’s parents call for HSE to be completely disbanded claiming it’s failed the women of Ireland

Vicky Phelan’s devastated parents have called for the HSE to be disbanded, saying it has failed Irish women, reports The Mirror.

In their first interview since her death last November, John and Gabby Kelly slammed the government for a lack of progress on cervical screening.

Brave Vicky defied gagging orders to lift the lid on the CervicalCheck scandal, which resulted in 221 women receiving incorrect smear test results. At least 20 of them died.

A national cervical screening laboratory was set up last December at a cost of €20 million, but operations ceased within weeks and all smears are now sent overseas.

John told the Irish Sunday Mirror: “To be honest I wouldn’t have expected anything else from the HSE or this Government. They have dropped to a new low disrespecting those who have departed like Vicky, and others who fought so hard to get change on this.”

In 2011, Vicky had a false negative cervical smear test and was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014.

In 2018, he took the state to court and settled a High Court claim worth €2.5 million, but refused to remain silent and exposed the CervicalCheck scandal.

A tribunal was set up in March 2021 to award compensation quickly without the need to go to court, but was widely criticized by campaigners including Vicky.

As of August 2023, the CervicalCheck Tribunal has received only 26 claims and the Court has heard 385 claims, reports The Mirror.

Speaking from the family home in Mooncoin, Co Kilkenny, Mr Kelly said: “There have been so many unnecessary deaths. Gaby and myself lost the most beautiful, precious, loving and caring daughter anyone could imagine. Don’t be making little of people, dragging them through the court. I mean they’re still at it. Ruth Morrissey’s case took 55 days, it went on for two days after she died. People ask ‘do you feel bitter?’ I do at times to be honest,” reports The Mirror.

“I think there must be some repercussions for people making mistakes, particularly doctors. They can’t just walk away. Since Vicky’s passing things are not moving. Smear tests were 49% outsourced at the time of her test, they are 100% outsourced now. That is a kick in the teeth. They were supposed to sort that out,” reports The Mirror.

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