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Virtue signalling? SIPTU tweets support for “undocumented” workers

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The official Twitter account of the Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU) posted a message earlier this month thanking “undocumented” frontline workers leaving many puzzled as to whether or not the union is supporting the breaking of Irish law.

SIPTU’s tweet was made in early May but has since reignited debate on social media.

The tweet reads:

“Care workers provide vital care & support to elderly & vulnerable people in their homes. Workers like Jayson, who is undocumented, are essential during #COVID19 lockdown. Thanks to all undocumented workers undertaking essential & frontline work. #undocIRL #FrontLineHeroes”

The post includes a picture of an alleged “undocumented” worker.

Still others have questioned as to how an “undocumented” which is to say an illegal worker in Ireland could obtain employment in frontline services without the proper documentation of his person and qualifications.

Sill other Irish citizens are asking if one of Ireland’s largest unions now supports the abandonment of borders and the unfettered allowance of free-flowing labour into the country? Something which worker’s unions have traditionally opposed in the past for obvious reasons.

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