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Well known Irish celebrity found not guilty of sexual acts with 16-yr-old girl

The star, accused of having sexual intercourse with a 16-yr-old girl, was acquitted of all charges at the age of 27, reports RTE.

A man has pleaded not guilty to three charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child under 17 in Dublin between August 2010 and December 2010.

Since yesterday, the jury has deliberated for over five and a half hours.

The man became emotional as he hugged his parents in court after the verdict was announced.

Last week at the start of the trial, defense attorney Elise Brennan told the jury that the defendant had been charged with defamation of a child.

The complainant told the court she met the man at the Oxygen music festival in 2010 and that he gave her his phone so she could save his number.

However, she said he texted her the next day asking if he could keep the secret.

The woman said she later met the man in person, and he took her to his workplace, where they performed oral sex on a fire escape, reports RTE.

The woman stated that sexual contact was always consensual and that she continued to engage in casual sexual relations after the age of 17.

The accused denied all the allegations and stated that the girl revealed her real age only when she turned 17.

He said he didn’t have any sexual relations until she was 18 and didn’t know why she filed a complaint against him.

Prosecutors urged the jury to find him guilty on all three counts.

Defence attorney Morgan Shelley said the jury had made the most important decision in the case of a man “whose life hangs in the balance”, reports RTE.

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