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Why do they need to know that? Some people are querying questions on the Census

Some people are looking for answers into just why the government needs to know specific questions that are on the census.

A reader wrote to us with her experience of the census Enumerator calling to her door this week.
On answering the door to the census official, she found herself answering personal questions that seemed fine at the time but on mature reflection seemed more unusual.

Before the census official handed over the census form, the official asked for the persons surname, telephone number, and how many people occupied the home. The census official was also interested in how many people normally reside in the home and would there be more or less than six people in the home on census night.
She also took note of the type of home, for example, was it a semi-detached, apartment, detached etc.

All this personal data was logged into a mobile device at the door by the census official. Our reader told us that she was not asked for permission for this data to be collected or used, nor did she give voluntarily give her permission.

Our reader has a few questions of the Central Statistics Office.

Do these impromptu questions and answers breach GDPR as no permission was given by the interviewee and the data was logged into a central database?

Why was this personal data collected?

Why was this personal data collected at the door and not included in the paper census form?

What will this personal data be used for?

Is it a breach of GDPR for data collectors to collect data without explicit permission?

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