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World’s first hangover clinic opens its doors in Australia

Australia-opens-first-hangover-clinicThe world’s first hangover recovery centre has opened its doors in Sydney, Australia. Treatment at the first of its kind facility certainly does not come cheap. The clinic offers patrons an IV drip of vitamins to cure their hangover.

Drips start at $140 (€92) per time. That will buy you half an hour of vitamins B and C mixed with a hydration solution pumped into your veins. $200 (€132) will allow you an hour’s worth of the treatment. Patients can also be provided headache tablets and oxygen therapy.

The centre’s Rod Lang said that having these fluids pumped directly into your body has benefits. He told 3 News : “Having intravenous fluids, that can have benefits. As for having something like Maccas, that can be debated and that’s something that I wouldn’t be recommending.”

Max Petro, who also works at the clinic said: “We don’t sell any alcohol. There’s no one binge drinking in our clinic. We’re just there to make sure people can get on with their day.”

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