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American Airlines pilot dies mid-flight

American Airlines

The pilot of an American Airlines passenger jet has died mid-flight. The jet was flying from Phoenix to Boston. The cause of death has not been disclosed but an airline official said it was from “illness.”

In audio posted online of the emergency call to air traffic control, the co-pilot can be heard describing what has happened:  “Medical emergency. Pilot is incapacitated.”and “pilot is unresponsive, not breathing.”

The Airbus A320 had 147 passengers and a crew of 5 people on board. The flight was diverted to Syracuse and landed there at around 7:13am.  The co-pilot landed the flight safely, the airline said. American Airlines flight 550 later resumed its flight to Boston.

According to American Airlines, one of the flight attendants is also a nurse and tended to the ill pilot. The co-pilot landed the flight safely. “We are incredibly saddened by this event,” a spokeswoman told a Boston TV station.


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