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Good news story – Dog “recovering well” after receiving emergency CPR

The loss of a beloved pet is a devastating experience but for one family it was a case of joy after sorrow when vets miraculously managed to bring their dog back to life.

According to the Metro, 13-year-old Casper, a King Charles Cavalier was suffering from fluid on the lungs and was thought to have a very slim chance of survival when he was taken to the vet by his owner Shaun Jackson and Shaun’s mum Gloria.

While Casper’s lungs were being drained, his heart started to fail and vets desperately decided to apply CPR. Even though there was very little hope that he would survive, Casper recovered after an incredible 10 minutes. He was said to be dead for a short time but just wouldn’t give up.

Shaun and Gloria were delighted with Casper’s recovery, with Gloria telling the Metro:
‘It was still touch and go for quite a while after that, and for a few days we were told we could still lose him, but now our beautiful Casper is back with us and doing really well.’

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