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Great To Have A Home Again: Cork woman who tragically lost her son, family friend and her home in blaze last May gets a new home


There was some good news for 61-year-old grieving mum who sadly lost her family home to a fire last May as she was given the keys to a new house recently.

The woman Noreen McAuliffe was the only survivor of a devastating house fire in Macroom Co. Cork on May 1, which tragically claimed the lives of her youngest son Kenneth (26) and family friend Noel O’Mahony (64).

Noreen who remarkably escaped the blaze by jumping from a first floor window was left in a coma for a week, along with a broken collarbone and broken ribs, was left devastated by her loss when she woke up.

An emotional Noreen told The “I was in a coma for a week and when I came out of it, it was all over. My son was dead and I had missed his funeral. I haven’t been to the grave yet because I’m just not able. It’s just too hard. He was my baby and it broke my heart.”

To make matters even worse the heartbroken mum had no home to go to when she was finally allowed to leave hospital. The brave woman revealed that she ended up sleeping on her daughter’s couch for over six weeks. Although she was grateful for her daughters support Noreen said that staying away from her own home deeply affected her grieving process.

Noreen explained: “I haven’t really been able to grieve until now as I felt I couldn’t cry in front of my daughter Sinéad’s children, who I had been living with since the tragedy. I haven’t been to Kenny’s grave yet, but as someone said to me ‘he’s not there, he’s right with you all the time.”

“My daughter has been the best in the world to me, but it’s hard not having your own home.” But now thankfully the grief stricken mum and friend has found a new home and is delighted.

Noreen said: “It’s absolutely five-star, it’s beautiful. I got the keys last Friday, moved in Monday and it’s great to have a home again. I’m still very sore and it’s very, very hard, but the new place is lovely.”

However Noreen also said that she is hoping the old home where she lived for 41 years of her life, will stay in the family.

“It’s still being repaired, but my daughter Sinéad has actually applied for it and it would be wonderful to keep it in the family. To be honest I wouldn’t like to see strangers moving in there as it was our home for 41 years.”


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