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If all else fails, send Rambo to deal with ISIS


Will it happen? Will it not?

Will US green beret and rampage killer extraordinaire John Rambo wield his trusty combat knife one last time?

There are conflicting reports that the next installment in the long running Rambo franchise, Rambo: Last Blood, will see the hardened warrior go after the free world’s bogeyman, ISIS, in one last savage, blood-soaked slaughterthon perpetrated by this half man, half war machine, and all-rounder show-off veteran of so many technicolor bloodbaths.

From the mean rice paddies of Vietnam, to the sun-drenched mountains of Afghanistan, and the thick jungles of Burma, Rambo is no stranger to massacring the locals in their own turf. He has done them all. Next in his hit list, he might take on the nefarious ISIS. According to reports, the next movie will focus on “realism”, which might mean the big man briefly halting the wanton slaughter to reload his weapon of choice, or perhaps a more surgical approach to throat slitting. Either way, it will be a good show.

Sylvester Stallone, now pushing 70, might just be in the mood for yet another carnival of maiming and decapitation, all shot in delightful slo-mo Killorama style to please the bloodthirsty multiplex goers.

We’ll just have to see whether Rambo: Last Blood happens or not.

I, for one, cannot wait.

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