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It is hoped that Jeffrey Esptein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell will “name names” after her arrest

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The friend of dead billionaire and child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by authorities in New Hampshire and has been charged with numerous crimes primarily related to luring young, underage girls into sex slavery at the behest of Epstein.

Maxwell, who is the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell a former British media proprietor, MP and fraudster, is herself charged with having committed acts of sexual abuse against the girls and some of the charges have been described as “unspeakable”.

Ghislaine appeared at her removal hearing via video conference along with her attorney Mr Vogelman shortly after 3.30 pm in Manhattan where it was heard that she was “an extreme flight risk” and is likely to be denied and bail, meaning she may end up in the same jail where Epstein allegedly killed himself.

It was thought Epstein, as part of a plea, would name names of the powerful elite in politics, Hollywood, business and Royalty who used his services to rape and torture children on his private jet and Caribbean island but he died under mysterious circumstances in his jail cell before this could happen.

Although Epstein’s meticulously kept records of the powerful people who availed of his services all somehow disappeared in the days immediately after his death Ghislaine Maxwell has been described as his “living black book”.

No doubt there are powerful people from Hollywood to Washington DC to Buckingham palace who are very nervous now about what could emerge in any trial of Maxwell and it is hoped that she too does not commit “suicide” before she can reveal her secrets to the world.

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