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More and more people are ‘drug driving’, says Harris

As per the Garda Commissioner, the progress gained in reducing the number of drunk drivers has nearly been reversed by drugged drivers.

Along with other partners, Drew Harris emphasised that tremendous efforts have been done to educate the driving public about the hazards.

“Regrettably we are now seeing things like drink driving – which was falling back and was on long-term decline – those gains have now been almost lost by that being replaced by individuals driving under the influence of drugs,” Commissioner Harris said, reports RTE.

“So driver behaviour is a very important element in this. Speed is another contributing factor as well,” reports RTE.

“We’re seeing collisions of all types but certainly fatal collisions and serious injury collisions where speed has been very much a contributory factor. And last year there was over 150,000 detections for speeding,” reports RTE.

36 individuals have lost their lives on Irish roads so far this year, according to garda statistics.

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