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More uproar in RTE as female journalists say they’re being paid far less than male journalists

Image source: RTE

RTE is facing a new pay scandal with women at the station earning less than men on average.

It is understood that many female journalists at the national broadcaster are paid at least 20,000 euros less than their male colleagues for doing the same job, which causes great dissatisfaction and anger, reports The Mirror.

The issue is expected to blow up when RTE releases its top 100 earners list next month.

This was promised by CEO Seun Ni Raghlagh at the Public Accounts Committee hearing on Ryan Tubridy’s pay scandal.

RTE insiders say the top four earners are Claire Byrne, Miriam O’Callaghan, Sharon Ni Veolain and Sarah McInerney.

But beyond that, the average RTE news correspondent with 10 years of experience earns around €90,000, which is significantly less than many of their colleagues in the same family, in the same job, and with the same experience.

An RTE source said: “There is a huge gender pay issue in RTE and it is causing immense anger. Many of the women journalists are paid less than the men and have been for years. The new Director General Kevin Bakhurst was formally the Head of News and knows all about it. If RTE names each individual in the top 100 with their salary, there will be hell to pay because the vast majority by a mile will be men and it will show how they are paid way more than the women,” reports The Mirror.

“RTE bosses down through the years, when it came to money and staff wages, seem to have one rule for men and another for women. The pay difference can vary between €20,000 to €30,000 in some cases. The women themselves want the issue resolved and are demanding parity. You can not blame them, why should a woman be paid less than a male colleague doing exactly the same job and with exactly the same number of years experience,” the source added, reports The Mirror.

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