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Opinion: The government had weeks to prepare but did nothing – they need to lockdown the country NOW

Well here we are, on the brink of a practical pandemic that could do untold damage – in particular to elderly people and those with underlying health conditions.

People need to be very careful – and by that I don’t mean anything about washing their hands – I mean they need to be careful what they’re hearing from Leo Varadkar, Simon Harris and the HSE.

The Irish government’s first and foremost task is to ensure the safety of Irish citizens – well what an absolute mess they have us in now.

They had time, weeks in fact, to look at what’s happening around the world and how the rapid spread of Covid-19 is containable to a certain extent.

Varadkar and Harris should have met with the HSE and announced immediately that ALL flights coming in from Italy are stopped, every one of them.

Next, complete cancellation of all mass gatherings across Ireland – including sporting events and closures of schools and colleges.

Followed swiftly by health experts being rushed to all airports and ports and testing people immediately who are getting off flights from known affected areas.

Set up designated isolation areas in all hospitals and cancel day procedures from the next month to free up staff and time.

Instead of doing these very basic measures, smirking Varadkar and glaring Harris allowed THOUSANDS of Italians to come into our shores – unchecked and thousands to fly home from Italy unchecked leaving the HSE to confirm that 1.9 MILLION Irish people may now get coronavirus.

Ireland now has a total of 50 confirmed cases across the island and as of Tuesday night still had flights coming into Dublin Airport from Milan, Italy.

It’s time to lockdown the country NOW!

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