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RTE continuously headline Twitter job losses as ‘anti-free speech’ activists whinge over Elon Musk takeover

Opponents of free speech are still reeling after Elon Musk fired thousands of employees of the social media giant, greatly reducing the ability of nerdy, progressive weirdos to censor facts and opinions that debunk or disagree with their warped ideology.

In Ireland, the winging reached fever pitch with the media and government as usual joining forces to attack Musk as many of the company’s Irish employees discovered on Friday that their pronouns at the company are now “was” and “were”.

The government bemoaned the fact that the Board of Enterprise in Ireland was not notified before Musk canned 50% of Twitter’s staff in Ireland, a large portion of which are not even Irish citizens, while the Taoiseach laughably stated that the layoffs were “unacceptable” as if he will be willing or able to do anything about it.

For years, Twitter censored people with conservative or alternative views while allowing leftists and so-called “progressives” to spew hatred against white people, Christians, Trump supporters, conservatives and the site even hosted huge amounts of child porn the massive workforce somehow failed to censor.

Now, with Musk reeling back this politically motivated censorship, many banned accounts will be returning, perhaps even President Trump while others who saw their account followers kept artificially low are already springing into higher numbers.

This is due to the reduction in the number of ‘bots’ operating on the site, which conversely also led significant drops in the followers of people such as Barack Obama and other establishment figures pushing an approved agenda.

The bird is free and its triggering all the right people.

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