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Stupid: Ray D’arcy tackles thieves instead of ringing the Gardai who condemn his actions


Have-a-go-hero Ray D’Arcy took matters into his own hands yesterday when he confronted a criminal gang trying to break into a car.

D’Arcy told listeners this morning that he is ‘shook’ after the ordeal.

A member of An Garda Siochana told “what Ray D’Arcy did was not only stupid but he put his life in danger. Members of the public should always ring the gardai first, it’s our job. Leave the heroics to Hollywood.”

D’Arcy told listeners the following:
“I’m a little bit shook this morning,
I had to go to Moran’s Red Cow hotel for a meeting yesterday and as I drove into the car park I noticed a blue car with a group of men in it wearing baseball hats.”

“In my head I’m thinking they look a bit old, they look a bit long in the tooth to be wearing baseball hats.”

“Anyway, I drove on, parked up the car and looked over my shoulder back at the car with the lads in the baseball hats looking a bit fidgety to see what they were up to.”

“One of them had climbed out of that car and was in another car and obviously searching for goodies in the car.”

The Today FM DJ took matters into his own hands
“Now I’ve to decide what I’m going to do. Do I intervene or do I let them go and do what they’re doing or what do I do? So I’m standing there looking at them and then I go: ‘Oi, is that your car?’”

“I got no response, so I said it again: ‘Oi, is that your car?’”

“And, surprise, surprise, it wasn’t their car, so the man who is in the car climbed out, covered his head so I couldn’t see his face, got back into the other car and they
left at point.”

“I got the reg and I gave it to the people at the hotel.”

“It’s odd when you encounter that; the heart rate increases. It’s unsettling.”

The garda we spoke to said what D’Arcy did was irresponsible and potentially gravely dangerous.

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