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“Surely he should be arrested” – People aren’t happy with foreign born scumbag who’s beating defenceless boys in Kilkenny

Social media users are questioning whether the gardai have looked into what the foreign thug known as Alamin who recorded himself beating defenceless youngsters in Kilkenny over recent weeks.

In what can only be described as truly shocking, more footage has emerged of the foreign scumbag terrorising young men with special needs in Kilkenny.

In the latest video, which The Liberal has seen but will not publish because it’s just too horrendous on the young innocent victim, the foreigner is seen ruthlessly beating the young Irish chap who screams for help and begs for his life.

The beating that the foreign scumbag named Alamin gives is so bad with repeated heavy punches to face, head and even headbutts, that his own accomplices have to intervene, shout “stop” and “leave him”.

At the end of the video, one of Alamin’s accomplices is seen grabbing the foreign scumbag and pulling him off the innocent chap who begs throughout for the foreigner to “please stop, you’re hurting me”.

New footage has emerged of the foreign born thug in Kilkenny named Alamin picking on another defenceless Irish boy with special needs.

The foreigner thinks it’s fair game to slap, punch and headbutt the child while his cowardly accomplice records the beating on his phone.

The scumbag is seen sneering the boy and then getting very aggressive with him and starts to slap, heavily punch and then head butt the boy who pleads for mercy.

The Liberal has seen the footage but has decided not to publish it because it’s just too gruesome to depict the young defenceless Irish boy with special needs in that way.

We have however included the above and below screenshots to show you what this thug is made of.

Meanwhile, social media users have been absolutely outraged at footage that shows a foreign national thug who decided that coming to Ireland would be a great opportunity to bully and beat young boys with special needs in Kilkenny.

Social media users are saying that the thug needs to be arrested and even some have gone so far as to say that the scumbag should be thrown out of the country altogether.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet another of Helen’s unwelcome guests into our country.

The below footage has gone viral on social media after it emerged that a foreign born thug named Alamin bullies, threatens and then allegedly punches a young chap in Kilkenny with a special needs in the face.

Locals say that Alamin came to Ireland as a child and that the youngster in question was frightened for his life.

In the footage, you can hear the thug threaten the youngster that he’d kill him if he made any noise, then the petrefied child made a remark that seemed to both humour and enrage the thug.

People have been asked to share the footage as widely as possible so to show that not everything is as rosy in the garden as the national broadcaster and usual suspects in the mainstream media would like people to think it is.

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